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Re: Fwd: OpenLdap Startup Failure

Swapnesh sharma wrote:
Hi All,

I have installed OpenLdap-2.4.26 on Solaris 10 (SunOS xxx 5.10
Generic_142900-09 sun4v sparc SUNW,SPARC-Enterprise-T5220) using the packages
available from sunfreeware (http://www.sunfreeware.com/indexsparc10.html)

Installation was successful without any error. But when starting slapd, I am
getting below error.

Looks like you have installed on top of an existing BDB database that was created on an x86 machine. You can't do that. When migrating databases you must slapcat the old DB and slapadd it onto the new machine. Like the Admin Guide says.

Can anyone please help/redirect me ?

I am trying to find a solution using the documents and archive mails. Let me
know if you require more information.

bash-3.00#/usr/local/libexec/slapd -d 255

slapd startup: initiated.

backend_startup_one: starting "cn=config"


Backend ACL: access to *

by * none

config_back_db_open: line 0: warning: cannot assess the validity of the ACL
scope within backend naming context

config_build_entry: "cn=config"

config_build_entry: "cn=schema"

>> dnNormalize: <cn={0}core>

<<< dnNormalize: <cn={0}core>

config_build_entry: "cn={0}core"

config_build_entry: "olcDatabase={-1}frontend"

config_build_entry: "olcDatabase={0}config"

config_build_entry: "olcDatabase={1}bdb"

backend_startup_one: starting "dc=my-domain,dc=com"

bdb_db_open: "dc=my-domain,dc=com"

*bdb_db_open: database "dc=my-domain,dc=com":

*bdb(dc=my-domain,dc=com): Ignoring log file:
/usr/local/var/openldap-data/log.0000000001: magic number 88090400, not 40988*

*bdb(dc=my-domain,dc=com): Invalid log file: log.0000000001: Invalid argument*

*bdb(dc=my-domain,dc=com): PANIC: Invalid argument*

*bdb(dc=my-domain,dc=com): unable to join the environment*

*bdb_db_open: database "dc=my-domain,dc=com" cannot be opened, err -30974.
Restore from backup!*

====> bdb_cache_release_all

bdb(dc=my-domain,dc=com): txn_checkpoint interface requires an environment
configured for the transaction subsystem

bdb_db_close: database "dc=my-domain,dc=com": txn_checkpoint failed: Invalid
argument (22).

backend_startup_one (type=bdb, suffix="dc=my-domain,dc=com"): bi_db_open
failed! (-30974)

slapd shutdown: initiated

====> bdb_cache_release_all

bdb_db_close: database "dc=my-domain,dc=com": alock_close failed

slapd destroy: freeing system resources.

slapd stopped.



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