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Re: Missing Syntax description in the cn=subschema's LDAPSyntaxes AT

Le 2/14/12 1:19 PM, Michael StrÃder a Ãcrit :
Emmanuel LÃcharny wrote:
In Apache Directory Studio and
the Java LDAP API, it's a bit more annoying, as we try to load the full schema from the server to locally check that values are correct before sending them back to the server. We have a mechanism to 'bypass' the missing syntaxes, of
course, but I think that from a completness POV, it would be better if
OpenLDAP add those missing syntaxes...

As a developer of a generic, schema-aware LDAPv3 client you should prepared to deal with incomplete/false subschema. Otherwise your client will joke very often.
We *are* ready to handle such schemas. M$ AD is most certainly the worst use case around. The question is more about OpenLDAP compliance : does those missing Syntaxes deserve an ITS or not.

Emmanuel LÃcharny