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Re: Missing Syntax description in the cn=subschema's LDAPSyntaxes AT

Emmanuel LÃcharny wrote:
In Apache Directory Studio and
the Java LDAP API, it's a bit more annoying, as we try to load the full schema
from the server to locally check that values are correct before sending them
back to the server. We have a mechanism to 'bypass' the missing syntaxes, of
course, but I think that from a completness POV, it would be better if
OpenLDAP add those missing syntaxes...

As a developer of a generic, schema-aware LDAPv3 client you should prepared to deal with incomplete/false subschema. Otherwise your client will joke very often.

Most work for schema support in my web2ldap was caused by incomplete schema elements in various LDAP server implementations (see also my various ITS for getting missing attribute types visible in OpenLDAP). There are various override/fallback mechanisms in web2ldap to make best possible use of the subschema while trying not to get stuck if schema is false, incomplete or simply not accessible because of stupid access control. Last schema work-around added in python-ldap was for duplicate OIDs found in standard subschema shipped with Novell eDirectory...

Ciao, Michael.