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Re: GnuTLS / OpenSSL certificates compatibilty

Le jeu. 09 fÃvr. 2012 23:53:25 CET, Daniel Savard a Ãcrit :
Le jeudi 09 fÃvrier 2012 Ã 23:21 +0100, rey sebastien a Ãcrit :

One or two question about certificate compatibility,
I have self signed certificate generated by openSSL, and the official
package of openldap in Ubuntu is compilated with gnutls library. Do you
think this configuration could create error ?

If this is the case, and if i want to maintain the easy deb package
upgrade system, do you know a repository with deb version of openldap
compiled with openssl library ?

Thanks for advice,

I've just fix my problem by recompiling openldap without GnuTLS support.
You are trying to do the exact thing I did. It won't work.

I don't know about Debian and deb packages, I am running another distro.
But you need an OpenLDAP not linked to GnuTLS.

Ok, thanks for answer,
It's really silly to have an official version with GnuTLS if isn't functionnal :( If i change my certificate for gnuTLS generated certificate (i use self signed certificate..), no need to create a custom OpenLdap with OpenSSL library ?