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Re: ldapmodify is crashing the slapd process

Le mardi 07 fÃvrier 2012 Ã 15:23 -0800, Quanah Gibson-Mount a Ãcrit :
> --On Tuesday, February 07, 2012 5:05 PM -0500 Daniel Savard 
> <dsavard@cids.ca> wrote:

> I would first upgrade to a more recent release.  I would also generally 
> advise using something more secure than GnuTLS, such as OpenSSL, to link 
> OpenLDAP to.
> --Quanah

I am running OpenLDAP 2.4.24 and 2.4.23 is marked as the latest stable
release from the OpenLDAP site. Very latest release is 2.4.28.

I am actually using OpenSSL to generate certificates.

Daniel Savard