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Re: Configuring shared memory / memory mapped files

Meike Stone wrote:
>> I'm testing back-mdb in a local environment. No problems so far. I think it
>> could be added in 2.4.27 announcing it for public testing. Otherwise no-one
>> else will test it thoroughly.
> how do you test? Can you share Test, environment and your findings and
> experiences?

1. Compiled HEAD from source (see www.openldap.org how to access the git

2. Exported my data with slapcat using old config

3. just changed my slapd.conf to use
"database mdb" instead of "database hdb" and removed all the back-hdb-specific
configuration directives (mostly caching)

4. imported my data with slapadd

Feels quicker even with rather small data sets.

Ciao, Michael.