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Re: Google hits for OpenLDAP (was: Securing cn=config and allowing micro-engineering)

On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 2:42 AM, Gavin Henry <ghenry@openldap.org> wrote:

Do we skip that bit and just talk about config or what?

I'd be inclined to document a source build, from the current release, at least then people would end up with a newer version and  dependencies were provided (bdb etc.,) as part. Describing using binary packages is going to be a morass of distribution specific details and caviats, package names & versions etc., a source build instruction (with explicit links to third party libraries) is going to date more slowly and be simpler to read.

Then maybe show a script to generate some random test data (such as Make LDIF from OpenDS), and how to load it into an ldap instance and get it running etc., or documetn how to load some canned test data.

And then a basic example of how to run ldapsearch, ldapmodify and a list of GUI tools such as Apache Directory Studio, etc.,

Running through a source build is not that hard if documented, distribution binaries / libraries are usually very outdated / broken.

What about adopting the Zytrax stuff, updating it and get them to do a 301
redirect to our wiki?

I'm sure you could ask. But it might not be actively supported anymore, so maybe noone to ask .. ?