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Re: Google hits for OpenLDAP (was: Securing cn=config and allowing micro-engineering)

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> Brett @Google writes:
> > I think the popularity of Zytrax guide on google indicates that
> > there is a
> > need for some simple guide or howto of how to get some sort of
> > trivial ldap
> > server running, in the first instance.
> True enough, but also OpenLDAP website doesn't look like a shining
> example of modern web design.  Not that I know much of how to improve
> that.
> > Zytrax might fail with regard to accuracy in specific details as it
> > seems to
> > be infrequently updated (last August 2010, before that July 2009),
> > but taken
> > asis it gets people going such that they can at least get a server
> > running,
> > then they can then start to learn by actively using openldap. The
> > zytrax
> > guide itself is open source, so the other alternative is to help
> > improve
> > it's accuracy ?
> Yesno.  HOWTOs, certainly.  Not that I've looked much at the site
> myself.
> Mostly I've seen others talk about it.
> OTOH, much of it seems more or less copied from manpages, the Admin
> Guide etc.  Seems a losing game to proofreed and try to maintain a
> separate copy of those, in a permanent state of catch-up.

We do have our wiki and that's the only place for this stuff but as a project
the policy has always been to be neutral. So what distro would you pick for
installs, setup etc. as they all bundle their own out of date versions.

Do we skip that bit and just talk about config or what?

I'm happy to write stuff if we want to work on a small table of contents.

What about adopting the Zytrax stuff, updating it and get them to do a 301
redirect to our wiki?

I see they are a company offering support using out dated knowledge :-)

Kind Regards,

Gavin Henry.
OpenLDAP Engineering Team.

E ghenry@OpenLDAP.org

Community developed LDAP software.