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Re: What expect to log at info level?

Dear Howard,

On 19/09/11 19:15 -0700, Howard Chu wrote:
Obviously since OpenLDAP's behavior here is "by design" it is not a bug. Just a note - there have been at least two attempts to overhaul the Debug/Syslog support in recent years. Neither made visible progress. At this point the infrastructure exists to log individual messages at distinct priority levels, but nobody has been interested in taking the time to sift through all of the existing Debug messages and assign them specific priorities. If you would like to see your bug report make any progress, most likely you are going to need to come up with the person with that time and motivation.

That person would be me.  I would be happy to do the work if the
prospect exists of me working towards getting the changes incorporated
into the main OpenLDAP code base.  This change would be very useful to us.
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