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Re: What expect to log at info level?

Dear Hallvard,

On 19/09/11 11:32 +0200, Hallvard B Furuseth wrote:
Nick Urbanik writes:
On 19/09/11 09:52 +0200, Christian Manal wrote:
as far as I know, OpenLDAP doesn't really use syslog priorities. You
have to set at least 'debug' (...)

Right.  man slapd, options -l and -s, says slapd by default uses
syslog local4.debug.

Yes, I used -l local0 as we're using local4 for another purpose.

and then control what you want to log with the loglevel setting in

That is what we do.

Actually, normally control it by doing nothing.  Stay with the
default, 'stats' (256).

What I have said is that with *only* loglevel stats, in our production
servers, the write load is excessive, sometimes filling up the hard
disk in four days.  The disk I/O from the logging of stats at debug
priority is excessive.  Of course, only OpenLDAP was logging at debug

Perhaps our production OpenLDAP servers work harder than the servers
everyone else here on the list manages?  It's possible: we are a large
ISP, and we provision all our services with OpenLDAP.

If what you say is correct, then OpenLDAP has a bug, which I will

Nick's 'loglevel -1' does indeed request a massive amount of logging.
Don't do that unless you need to debug slapd.

I temporarily set it to -1 in our non-production, .dev environment to
examine this problem of no output at info syslog priority.
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