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Re: What expect to log at info level?

On Tue, 20 Sep 2011, Nick Urbanik wrote:

What I have said is that with *only* loglevel stats, in our production
servers, the write load is excessive, sometimes filling up the hard

They can be large. We rotate (including compression) nightly. Fortunately they do compress very well...

disk in four days. The disk I/O from the logging of stats at debug priority is excessive. Of course, only OpenLDAP was logging at debug level.

At a minimum, make sure that your syslog daemon isn't flushing on each write. (With some daemons, -/file/name disables this.) Actually, we do remote syslog (@loghost) so the UDP is send-and-forget from our live servers, so there's no disk I/O at all.

(Note that none of the above is particular to OpenLDAP; we do this with most of our services.)

Perhaps our production OpenLDAP servers work harder than the servers everyone else here on the list manages? It's possible: we are a large ISP, and we provision all our services with OpenLDAP.

There are some pretty large installations watching the list...