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Re: Problem with overlay uniqe

>> [...] I suggest an ITS be filed to
>> strengthen misconfiguration detection.
> My ITS will be ignored anyway. So better you should file one.

The suggestion actually was for the original poster, although I was
admittedly replying to your message, with the original poster in CC.

However, I also find your pessimistic attitude inappropriate, since
several ITSes submitted by you have been dealt with, and in many cases
successfully addressed (i.e. the problem was solved, and the fix
released).  Currently there are 111 ITS in incoming; some have been there
for years.  Only few of them have been submitted by you.  You seem to be a
pretty good tester (I should say a dam..d good tester) as you can produce
so many unusual conditions that can hardly be reproduced and thus
successfully dealt with.  Whenever possible, ITS submitted by you (as well
as by others) have been dealt with based on developers' availability,
competence in the specific area of the ITS and so.  So I would be more
optimistic.  In any case, I'll open (and close) the ITS, as the fix is
definitely trivial.