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Re: Group Members

Cc:-ed openldap-technical@openldap.org

criderkevin@aol.com wrote:
> Not many users, only about 400-500. I'm thinking just due to our need to
> multiple admins needing access to different apps we may want different
> branches...but them the Users are duplicated but perhaps in an LDAP world
> that's not a no-no. I believe this sort of thing can be controlled by ACL's as
> well?...but 1 branch per App seems to be easiest. (woudl you agree?)

Yes, you should make yourself familiar with ACLs for achieving degelated

> Also, are there decent free LDAP amin gui interface tools anyone would
> recommend? I've tried a few that Google search has come up with but thought
> I'd ask...

There are several with different focus. You should try out yourself and choose
the one which fits your needs best. Being the author of web2ldap I'm biased

Ciao, Michael.