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Re: invalid syntax when teletexstring

Howard Chu wrote:
Erwann ABALEA wrote:
Do you have any document or pointer to understand the task of
converting to/from T.61, and incompatible character sets you talked
about? I Googled for this, but I'm not sure of what I found (what I
found reminds me of old character sets we used many years ago in
France for the Minitel, with G1/G2 character groups, etc, not that far
from VT consoles).

You can reference this old draft; I wrote Appendix A and B to document the
mapping as we understood it at that time. These Appendices were dropped from
the final version because it was considered futile to attempt to document the
T.61 character encoding rules.


You can also read libldap/t61.c; the code has been present in every OpenLDAP
release since 2002 but is not compiled or used.

This Guide has a pretty good discussion of the issues.


The section on "Character Sets" is particularly relevant. The section on "Comparing DNs" is somewhat relevant, though in fact OpenLDAP has already solved this problem (for all the string types besides T61String) by doing all matching in UTF-8.

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