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RE: sssvlv

> > > I see no such error here. I can run ldapsearch and send VLV requests ad
> > > nauseam. Most likely you have misconfigured something again.
> >
> > Always possible, but I would expect that ldapsearch terminating would cause the server to drop the connection and clean up any sort request associated with a vlv request on that connection. I'll do some more investigation.
> >
> More investigation done, and the problem appears to be another difference between specifying the sssvlv overlay as global or local to the database config.
> If I specify the sssvlv overlay in the database config then I can also send VLV requests ad nauseam, I only see the error when I specify the sssvlv overlay as global.

I'm seeing another issue with sssvlv now. 

If I use the AssertionValue in the VLV control, some values work and the expected entries are returned, but others values which should find entries do not work. 

I am specifying cn:caseIgnoreOrderingMatch in the sort control, and if I specify 'd' in the AssertionValue of the VLV control I get entries with cns 

Dave Smith 
Fiona Smith 
Glynis Smith 
Jane Smith 
Jennifer Smith 

If I specify 'g', I get

Glynis Smith 
Jane Smith 
Jennifer Smith 
Jim Smith 
Mark Smith 

but if I specify 'f' I get nothing.

I am running slapd built from HEAD on June 30th.

This feels like a bug in the sssvlv overlay, so I'll raise it in ITS too.