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RE: sssvlv

> >>> Thanks for the info.
> >>> Is it the case that sort requests are associated with a particular connection?
> >>
> >> What does RFC2891 say?
> >>
> > As far as I can see it doesn't mention connections.
> Then probably the answer is no.
> > However, looking at the code in sssvlv.c, it appears that a sort operation is associated with a session, and a session
> > is associated with a connection, e.g. on line 900 of sssvlv.c in sssvlv_op_search():
> >
> > sort_conns[op->o_conn->c_conn_idx][sess_id] = so;
> That's actually limiting VLV requests. You didn't ask about VLV requests, you
> asked about sort requests. Ask the wrong question, get a useless answer. So
> now, what does draft-ietf-ldapv3-vlv say?
I guess this is a relevant section (the only occurrences of "connection" in the spec):

  "contextID values have no validity outside 
   the connection and query with which they were received. A client MUST 
   NOT submit a contextID which it received from a different connection, 
   a different query, or a different server."

which does partly answer my question about the VLV request, but says nothing about any related sort operation.

> >>>> From my testing it seems that a sort request will remain active in the server evenif the client disconnects, which doesn't seem right.
> >>
> >> How are you determining that this is the case?
> >
> > I'm using ldapsearch to test requests with sss and vlv controls. After running several such ldapsearch commands I get an
> > error from the server :
> >
> > # search result
> > search: 2
> > result: 51 Server is busy
> > text: Other sort requests already in progress
> >
> > I am assuming that the connection to the server is dropped when the ldapsearch command terminates; that
> > must certainly be the case at the client end since the process no longer exists.
> I see no such error here. I can run ldapsearch and send VLV requests ad
> nauseam. Most likely you have misconfigured something again.

Always possible, but I would expect that ldapsearch terminating would cause the server to drop the connection and clean up any sort request associated with a vlv request on that connection. I'll do some more investigation.