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Re: dumping

On 5/7/2011 3:26 ÎÎ, Friedrich Locke wrote:


i would like to restore data generated by slapcat. I realized some
field (like userPassword) in the lidf file generated was encoded in
How should i restore the ldif with slapadd taking the real value
string for the attribute without redefined attribute value.

base64 is automatically encoded/decoded when using slapcat/slapadd respectively. base64 is always used (automatically in exported data) in ldif for particular fields, like userPassword or others which have language-specific values, like:

cn: Nick Tester
cn;lang-en-us: Nick Tester
cn;lang-el-gr:: zp3Or866zr/PgiDOpM6tz4PPhM61z4E=

So, you don't have to do anything; importing the ldif will decode your data correctly.