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Re: Installation openLDAP in Debian

* Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> [2011-04-20 21:38]:
> The tree of files is not meant for you to ever look at or modify
> directly. Just use slapcat or ldapsearch. If you know anything about
> LDAP at all this is MUCH easier than editing flat text files, since
> you can use any LDAP tool (commandline or GUI) to do all the
> administration.

Plain text files are an established (in the *nix world, at least)
and universal interface, and easily lend themselfs to configuration
management systems, version control, as well as using the power of
So I sure hope existing support for slapd.conf won't be ripped out.
Don't force a certain way to deal with configuration changes on
everyone just because some use cases may ask for that.