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Re: Installation openLDAP in Debian

Howard Chu wrote:
> When you know what these things are, cn=config is just another DIT, that
> you manage just like every other DIT. The learning curve for cn=config
> is shorter than for slapd.conf, because once you learn the essential
> elements of LDAP, you also know all the essentials for configuring
> slapd. Otherwise, you have to learn LDAP + LDIF + slapd.conf syntax,
> which history has shown practically everybody gets *wrong*. The web is
> full of bogus slapd.conf examples with directives scattered all over the
> place, instead of in their proper order and location.  (...)

That seems to me a similarity with slapd.conf, not a difference.  Now
people are getting cn=config wrong.  Cut&paste which includes the magic
{numbers} they do not know what is, getting a BDB database number {0}.
Editing the cn=config tree directly, that's a fairly obvious thing to.
After all, why go via some tool once you've already written your LDIF?

The latter is fixable by switching cn=config to use a back-ber with
binary files and no RDN-like filenames, if we really never should edit