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Re: Installation openLDAP in Debian

Michael Ströder wrote:
Howard Chu wrote:
If you don't understand LDAP and LDIF then you cannot effectively
administer an LDAP server. Period. There is no chicken and egg here -
you must understand LDAP. You must know what "DIT" means. You must know
what a DN is. You must know what a schema is. You must know what an
attribute is. There is no bypassing this required knowledge.

I'd say I understand LDAP and LDIF etc. but still I'm in favour using
slapd.conf and only use cn=config in the *rare* cases where dynamic
configuration is really needed.

When you know what these things are, cn=config is just another DIT, that
you manage just like every other DIT.

Especially the schema design of OpenLDAP's cn=config is more complicated than
it should be. Look at other LDAP server implementations and you'll see how
easy it is to tweak cn=config with a generic, schema-aware LDAP client. That's
not so easy with OpenLDAP's cn=config.

Since you're being so vague it's difficult to address your point. However, one thing is clear - you can manage everything using just the ldapmodify command line tool, that's a simple fact. So from what I can see, either your clients are inferior to a command line tool or you're just using them wrong.

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