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Re: cn=config replication to consumer / slave servers

Christopher Strider Cook wrote:
So, the pointer to test059 was exactly what this issue needed and
following it has lead me to an very good working setup with one puzzling
final step.

The problem I now face is that the initial cn=config entries used to do
the first sync do not get overwritten by the data from the master. So
the install password doesn't get replaced nor do the updated retry
timeouts for olcSyncRepl, because, I'm assuming, the 'stub' entries have
newer timestamps than those on the master.

How can this be overcome from the perspective of the slave server.
Updating the entries on the master triggers the update as you would
expect. Is there a way to put the stub entries onto the slave with a
timestamp in the past so that they get overwritten during the first
sync? Or is there another way to trigger them to be updated?

Use slapd -c. Read the slapd(8) manpage.

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