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Re: Slapd restarting slowly

----- "Joe Tseng" <joe_tseng@hotmail.com> wrote:

> I recently set up a file server using Fedora and I configured it to
> run as a PDC with Samba and OpenLDAP.  It had been running very
> smoothly until just last night when I discovered when I tried to
> restart the slapd service it would just sit there for a few minutes. 
> After it did start I looked in /var/log/messages to see if I could
> glean some clues; it seems as part of "service slapd start" the system
> would request information from slapd in order to restart slapd.

The question here is, what is "the system". The answer is, NSS, most likely NSS calling nss_ldap.

>  Seems
> pretty circular to me...  I did not note any type of success message
> when slapd finally did wake up from suspended animation.

It's not really slapd that was suspended, as is evident from your logs, but nss_ldap.

Did you try and restart any other services while ldap was not running? Did you notice they exhibited the same behaviour?

Anyway, easiest fix for now:

echo "bind_policy soft" >> /etc/ldap.conf