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Re: Slapd restarting slowly

I found the link below that sounds exactly like my problem:


I did notice httpd was hung. I configured it so it'd auth against LDAP for my SVN repos; it started right up by hand after slapd was running. My rpcidmapd also hung - is there a dependency there too?

BTW "bind_policy soft" works for me.  Thank you for the help!

- Joe

(FYI I'm running F12 because that's what was available for Amahi back in November. Since Amahi 6 for F14 is released today I'll work on upgrading my PDC this weekend.)

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I recently set up a file server using Fedora and I configured it to
run as a PDC with Samba and OpenLDAP.  It had been running very
smoothly until just last night when I discovered when I tried to
restart the slapd service it would just sit there for a few minutes.
After it did start I looked in /var/log/messages to see if I could
glean some clues; it seems as part of "service slapd start" the system
would request information from slapd in order to restart slapd.

The question here is, what is "the system". The answer is, NSS, most likely NSS calling nss_ldap.

pretty circular to me...  I did not note any type of success message
when slapd finally did wake up from suspended animation.

It's not really slapd that was suspended, as is evident from your logs, but nss_ldap.

Did you try and restart any other services while ldap was not running? Did you notice they exhibited the same behaviour?

Anyway, easiest fix for now:

echo "bind_policy soft" >> /etc/ldap.conf