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Re: slapd 2.4.24 will not start as non root user

>> OK. I think I have found the issue.
>> These servers use ldap for authentication. When I remove the local
>> /etc/ldap.conf file 2.4.24 starts fine as user ldap. When I have the
>> local /etc/ldap.conf file slapd 2.4.24 refuses to start. So it looks
>> like slapd 2.4.24 is unable to find the ldap user when ldap
>> authentication is in effect.
> ldap user enumeration. I doubt this is related to any actual
> authentication.

True true - I tend to treat name -> uid mappings and authentication as one
thing - my bad.

So thinking about this I may have found the issue. The enumeration and
authentication using the nss_ldap library was compiled against a different
version of openldap; i.e. the one installed as system software withthe
package manager. I have removed this version, re-compiled nss_ldap and I
can get this to start now.

Thanks for all the pointers


> BTW., your subject is misleading, I have no interest in OpenLDAP 2.2.x, so
> I
> didn't pay much attention until now ...

Subject line changed.



> Regards,
> Buchan