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Re: adding a custom objectClass

--On Tuesday, December 21, 2010 9:46 AM -0800 Troy Knabe <knabe@4j.lane.edu> wrote:

I just figured out creating custom schema definitions for 2.3, and now I
am trying to move that to 2.4 and cn=schema,cn=config.

I have an existing schema definition: dn: cn={3}ours,cn=schema,cn=config
with attributes and one objectClass.  I would like to add another
objectClass that inherits from the current one.  Here is the current one:

olcObjectClasses: {0}( NAME 'myobjclass' DESC 'Custom
ObjectClass  ' SUP inetOrgPerson STRUCTURAL MAY ( userType $ gradeLevel $
mailHost $ mailalternateaddress ) )

Here is the LDIF of what I am trying to add:

dn: cn={3}ours,cn=schema,cn=config
objecClass: olcSchemaConfig

ldap_add: Undefined attribute type (17)
	additional info: objecClass: attribute type undefined

I suggest you read the line you are adding and the error. You've made a typo, and the error coming back reflects that quite clearly. I suggest trying "objectClass" instead of "objecClass".



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