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Re: How Indexes work?

2010/12/17 Bjørn Ruberg <bjorn@ruberg.no>:
> Steeg Carson:
> [...]
>> I have a database, and my search is like shown above. The search takes
>> long.
> Did you run slapindex after adding the index? Is the index file owned by the
> proper user account?
>> The cache is configured, the size is enough
>> (approx. dn2id.bdb + id2entry.bdb).
> You should configure the cache to be large enough to hold all indexes, not
> only dn2id and id2entry. See e.g.
> http://www.linuxtopia.org/online_books//network_administration_guides/ldap_administration/tuning_BDB_HDB_Database_Caching.html

I know this guides an I also read FAQs an Adminguide. dn2id plus
id2entry is a rule of thumb. If I calulate this like you told, its
approx the same size ...

>> But what I see, is that the write IO from LDAP is enormously (seen
>> with iotop). During the whole search, the write IO is higher than the
>> read IO.
>> Why?
> What is slapd's current loglevel?

loglevel is 0
I know, I should better use 256, but for this reason, I did switch off
logging :-( for testing.

> Also please note that it's not necessary to post the same message to the
> mailing list several times.

I sent my first posting 2 days ago, but it did not reach the list ....
My second question is missing in the list till now.
So I sent them a second time, because I thought they got lost.

But what about the first part of my question. in this Posting. How
will be a ldapsearch processed?
Does the slapd, search the whole database despite of indexes?

Thanks you very much