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Re: Performance issues lately.

I suggest that you use dtrace to get a better understanding of what is going on.

You can start with some pre-existing documented scripts from the dtrace toolkit


The dtrace guide is here:


There are many examples in the dtrace toolkit that should help sort out
what other processes or system resources are affecting the ldap servers
performance in your specific situation.


On 11/14/10 07:42 PM, Jorgen Lundman wrote:

Howard Chu wrote:

If it slows down after you wait a while, that means some other process
on the machine is using the system RAM and forcing the BDB data out of
the system cache. Find out what other program is hogging the memory,
it's obvious that BDB is not doing anything wrong on its own.

If I db_stat another large file, like dn2id.bdb, the subsequent id2entry.bdb will be slower. So maybe it is fighting itself.

However, since I am executing separate "db_stat" processes each time, the setcachesize would have no chance to help improve things. I will have to try different values for slapd running.

Could be I should investigate various Solaris specific process limits as well. It is all 64bit now, but per process limits may still be interfering.