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Re: Performance issues lately.

truss is pretty much useless in this context. Most of BDB's activity is
thru memory-mapping, which involves no system calls for truss to trace.
You need an actual profile (e.g. using oprofile) to identify where the
time is going.

This is very true. But reach for the tools you have, even if it is a hammer. I guess Purify would be the Solaris equivalent, unless we find the problem also occurs on a Linux box.

truss has a simple profiler, but only for System Calls which do not help in this case:

Library:             Function                                 calls
libaio:              close                                    16
libc:                membar_exit                              1633814
libc:                thr_self                                 653455
libc:                _lock_clear                              326545
libc:                _lock_try                                326545
libc:                memcpy                                   163311
libc:                memcmp                                   242
libc:                strcasecmp                               195
libc:                free                                     77

sys totals:              .921     303     22
usr time:              21.669
elapsed:              829.890

> Now repeat the db_stat call and see how long it takes the 2nd time.

It does indeed speed up, if I do not wait too long between tests.

real    1m27.712s
real    0m29.696s
real    0m4.332s
real    0m4.452s

4 seconds is much nicer. So what you are saying is that BDB uses mmap, and operations inside this memory will trigger reads inside the kernel which do not show as libc syscalls. Rats. So it may be IO? I need to throw even more memory at it, and live with the increasing startup times?

How does the "set_cachesize" relate to the mmap usage?

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