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Re: Performance issues lately.

Jorgen Lundman wrote:
  >  Now repeat the db_stat call and see how long it takes the 2nd time.

It does indeed speed up, if I do not wait too long between tests.

real    1m27.712s
real    0m29.696s
real    0m4.332s
real    0m4.452s

If it slows down after you wait a while, that means some other process on the machine is using the system RAM and forcing the BDB data out of the system cache. Find out what other program is hogging the memory, it's obvious that BDB is not doing anything wrong on its own.

4 seconds is much nicer. So what you are saying is that BDB uses mmap, and
operations inside this memory will trigger reads inside the kernel which do not
show as libc syscalls. Rats. So it may be IO? I need to throw even more memory
at it, and live with the increasing startup times?

How does the "set_cachesize" relate to the mmap usage?

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