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Re: Syncprov checkpoint and sessionlog with cn=config

Jaap Winius wrote:
Quoting Quanah Gibson-Mount<quanah@zimbra.com>:

I do it via ldapmodify:

dn: olcOverlay=syncprov,olcDatabase={3}hdb,cn=config
changetype: add
objectClass: olcOverlayConfig
objectClass: olcSyncProvConfig
olcOverlay: syncprov
olcSpCheckpoint: 20 10
olcSpSessionlog: 500

Thanks, Quanah. Just a bit more Googling and I figured this one out
myself, but these configuration attributes are not well documented
yet, at least not for cn=config. They're not yet included in the
slapo-syncprov man page and (correct me if I'm wrong) the online
documentation doesn't seem to mention them either.

They are simply LDAP schema elements. Their definitions are always present in the directory itself.

% ldapsearch -x -H ldap://:9011 -D cn=config -W -b cn=schema,cn=config -s base | grep -A 2 OLcfgOv..:1
olcAttributeTypes: ( OLcfgOvAt:1.1 NAME 'olcSpCheckpoint' DESC 'ContextCSN che
 ckpoint interval in ops and minutes' SYNTAX OMsDirectoryString SINGLE-VALUE )
olcAttributeTypes: ( OLcfgOvAt:1.2 NAME 'olcSpSessionlog' DESC 'Session log si
 ze in ops' SYNTAX OMsInteger SINGLE-VALUE )
olcAttributeTypes: ( OLcfgOvAt:1.3 NAME 'olcSpNoPresent' DESC 'Omit Present ph
 ase processing' SYNTAX OMsBoolean SINGLE-VALUE )
olcAttributeTypes: ( OLcfgOvAt:1.4 NAME 'olcSpReloadHint' DESC 'Observe Reload
  Hint in Request control' SYNTAX OMsBoolean SINGLE-VALUE )
olcAttributeTypes: ( olmBDBAttributes:1 NAME 'olmBDBEntryCache' DESC 'Number o
olcObjectClasses: ( OLcfgOvOc:1.1 NAME 'olcSyncProvConfig' DESC 'SyncRepl Prov
 ider configuration' SUP olcOverlayConfig STRUCTURAL MAY ( olcSpCheckpoint $ o
 lcSpSessionlog $ olcSpNoPresent $ olcSpReloadHint ) )

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