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RE: OpenLDAP Issues

Hey Mike

Thanks for the response. When pam_password was set equal to md5 the only issue I had was with changing the password it was suggested that I switch to exop so I could use passwd to change the password instead of ldappasswd. With the password history and and strength testing I had testing this thoroughly with md5 and when I switched to exop I could see the attributes getting updated but I did not seem to matter. I think it is definitely something to do with the hashes. Here is the ppolicy lines in my slapd.conf file. Any other information I can provide just let me know.

overlay ppolicy
ppolicy_default cn=default,ou=policies,dc=turbocorp,dc=com

John Allgood
Senior Systems Administrator
OHL Transportation Services
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Gainesville, GA 30507
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> From: Buchan Milne [mailto:bgmilne@staff.telkomsa.net]
> Sent: Monday, June 28, 2010 5:15 PM
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> Subject: Re: OpenLDAP Issues
> On Monday, 28 June 2010 16:43:34 Allgood, John wrote:
> > Hey All
> >
> > Does anyone know why when I change pam_password exop in
> /etc/ldap.conf my
> >  password history and check_password module that I built into ppolicy
> stop
> >  working.
> Define "stop working". Is it not updating password history attributes?
> Or, is
> it not preventing you from using passwords from when they were being
> hashed on
> the client side?
> Was this working (as you claimed) correctly, with these two features,
> when you
> changed your password with ldappasswd?
> It could be that your default server hash (please check the hash on
> passwords
> changed via pam_ldap with 'pam_password exop', or by ldappasswd) may
> not be
> md5, in which case, your new password hashes will be different to the
> old ones,
> even if the passwords are the same .....
> Either correct your 'password-hash' in slapd.conf, restart, test etc.,
> or
> stick with your current config, and ensure you're not testing against
> any old
> (md5) password hashes (in password histories).
> >  This is openldap 2.4.21 built from source running on Centos 5.5.
> >  It worked fine when I had pam_password md5.
> Well, note that in this case, the server would never see the clear-
> text, so a
> check_password module would not be able to do very much ...
> Regards,
> Buchan


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