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Re: Tool to covert from LDIF cn=config to slapd.conf?

On 6/13/10 10:34 PM, Howard Chu wrote:

Useful feedback is always welcome. Francis' post was self-admittedly not even worth a cup of coffee, and he made this personal a long time ago. If his post had been written from an informed standpoint I would have let it slide. Nor do I believe there was anything uncivil in the text of what I wrote.

Ugh. Perhaps you would like to remind me about what we got into such a disagreement about and when that you are still mad, because I honestly do not remember. But, I have to admit, your tone is what I have come to expect from you. I fail to see how my question about all the overlays that are provided with OpenLDAP working with cn=config before slapd.conf is deleted means that I have an enormous sense of entitlement. You are, of course, welcome to your opinion. Thankfully, I am not required to agree with you.

As for submitting patches. That's not going to be happening. I have submitted patches in the past for the things I cared about. However, these days, I have too many different applications that I have to maintain to take the time to decipher the OpenLDAP code anymore.

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