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Re: Tool to covert from LDIF cn=config to slapd.conf?

Woah - no need to take anything personal.

We're not all devs.  SysAdmin != Code Dev.
His memory /could/ be off - that's why he didn't state it as a fact.
And there's certainly more civil ways to suggest one checkout code from a deprecated branch.

If feedback isn't desired, simply state so on the mailing list site.  Francis even seems like an informed /user/ of the openldap software.

I suggest you simply do a slapcat and then a sed replacement on the output to get what you need.

It won't help with cn=config; that'd really have to be done by hand, but I don't think it'd be too difficult.

My 2 cents,
- chris

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Francis Swasey wrote:
> On 6/9/10 3:32 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
>> slapd.conf is deprecated and will likely be removed in OpenLDAP 2.5.
> Do all of the overlays support cn=config yet?  Last I remember, there
> were still overlays that didn't work with cn=config.

If your memory is correct, you're welcome to submit patches.

> I would rather that cn=config was working with everything for one entire
> release before slapd.conf is removed to give those of us that depend on
> those overlays a chance to migrate -- rather than a repeat of the forced
> conversion to syncrepl before it was completely baked (which I for one
> do not think has completely happened even now in 2.4.22).

All of the core overlays support cn=config.

You can always pull slurpd from CVS if you enjoy that sort of thing, no one
put a gun to your head to force you in any direction.

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