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Re: Tool to covert from LDIF cn=config to slapd.conf?

Chris Jacobs wrote:
Woah - no need to take anything personal.

We're not all devs.  SysAdmin != Code Dev.
His memory /could/ be off - that's why he didn't state it as a fact.
And there's certainly more civil ways to suggest one checkout code from a deprecated branch.

If feedback isn't desired, simply state so on the mailing list site.
Francis  even seems like an informed /user/ of the openldap software.

Useful feedback is always welcome. Francis' post was self-admittedly not even worth a cup of coffee, and he made this personal a long time ago. If his post had been written from an informed standpoint I would have let it slide. Nor do I believe there was anything uncivil in the text of what I wrote.

Where do people get this sense of entitlement that gives them the audacity to make accusations and demands against people working on a volunteer basis? The folks on this project have already given countless hours of their effort to build something worthwhile and make it grow. What have you done? What value have you gotten out of it, what have you given in return?

Free software is about freedom of choice. You have the choice to use it or not; there are plenty of other alternatives out there, free and non-free. As free software developers, we have the freedom to focus on the objectives that matter to us. Bear in mind that we're not just making changes at random. Rewriting legacy code is a thankless task (obviously, especially around here); we only do it because we see a better result at the end of the road, and we want to get there in our lifetime.

If you want to be part of this community and participate in its growth and new directions, great. We're happy to have your input. If you want to get something for nothing and whine that it's not your favorite color, please go somewhere else.

I suggest you simply do a slapcat and then a sed replacement on the output to get what you need.

It won't help with cn=config; that'd really have to be done by hand, but I don't think it'd be too difficult.

My 2 cents,
- chris

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Francis Swasey wrote:
On 6/9/10 3:32 PM, Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
slapd.conf is deprecated and will likely be removed in OpenLDAP 2.5.

Do all of the overlays support cn=config yet?  Last I remember, there
were still overlays that didn't work with cn=config.

If your memory is correct, you're welcome to submit patches.

I would rather that cn=config was working with everything for one entire
release before slapd.conf is removed to give those of us that depend on
those overlays a chance to migrate -- rather than a repeat of the forced
conversion to syncrepl before it was completely baked (which I for one
do not think has completely happened even now in 2.4.22).

All of the core overlays support cn=config.

You can always pull slurpd from CVS if you enjoy that sort of thing, no one
put a gun to your head to force you in any direction.

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