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meta database - password problems with one target

Before I forget the link here is the config file I'm using


I have two separate databases of user information and a meta database at
the bottom of the file that joins them together so both can log in.  The
meta database is what's used for the system pam and nss settings.  All
of that seems to work fine - no problems with the logging in, groups, or
any of that.  Users that belong to the second database, zone2, can 
change their passwords using any of the standard commands including 
passwd.  Users in the first database, zone1, are unable to change 
their passwords

  {153}: passwd
  New password: 
  Re-enter new password: 
  LDAP password information update failed: Strong(er) authentication required
  modifications require authentication
  passwd: Permission denied
  passwd: password unchanged

I've looked at the ACL and stats logs for both the accounts that work and
those that don't but there's a lot of information there and I can't tell
what the problem is.  I'm rather new to LDAP in general.  Can someone give
me some pointers or ideas for what I can look for?

Thanks for any help