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cn=config config problem


I have setup a multimaster setup and some slave nodes, using cn=config.

I am looking at trying to create a user in the cn=config space

i have test.ldif that looks like 
dn: cn=test,cn=config 
objectClass: simpleSecurityObject 
objectClass: organizationalRole 
cn: test 
userPassword: test 
description: test 
structuralObjectClass: organizationalRole

and I use
ldapadd -D "cn=config" -w
T25src1Rbe65RR6vwd53VTrB1x6EszFGMjhh7m8OOPjNyJ9h7nJO97p00lHMn08m -f

I get 
adding new entry "cn=test,cn=config"
ldap_add: Server is unwilling to perform (53)
	additional info: shadow context; no update referral

Which from my investigation tells me my ldap server doesn't know where
to send the update, which is strange because I can make other changes to
cn=config - add a olcsyncrepl and make changes to loglevel


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