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Re: problem configuring overlay module and cn=config

Am Sonntag 10 Januar 2010 09:07:18 schrieb Alex Samad:
> Hi
> I am trying to ldapadd
> dn: olcOverlay={2}unique,olcDatabase={1}hdb,cn=config
> changetype: modify
> add: olcunique_uri
> olcunique_uri: ldap:///?uid?sub
> but it fails
> ldap_modify: Undefined attribute type (17)
>         additional info: olcunique_uri: AttributeDescription contains
> 	inappropriate characters

The correct AttributeType to use is "olcUniqueUri". "olcunique_uri" apart 
from not being recognized by the config backend is an illegal LDAP 
AttributeType as the '_' char is not allowed in AttributeTypes, that is 
the reason for the error message you got.

> not sure what is going wrong I tried changing to base64 and using ::
> Can't seem to find any examples of using unique in cn=config