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Re: Some openldap 2.4 questions

Am Montag 18 Januar 2010 11:07:50 schrieb Radosław Antoniuk:
> Hi again guys,
> Ok, coming back on the technical track.
> Nobody replied so I'll ask again.. and few more thoughts actually:
> 1. Is it okay to stop the daemon, and literally remove the lines from
> the config files in slapd.d dir? (i.e. actually removing the file in
> cn\=config/olcDatabase\=\{0\}config/* )
I wouldn't recommend doing that. But you might try to remove the 
corresponding "olcOverlay{[1-3]}=syncprov" files and see what happens. 
YMMV. Starting over otoh shouldn't be too hard normally. Just slapcat you 
configuration, cleanup and slapadd it again. Same for the "real" 
(bdb/hdb) databases.
> I presume that something stays in the bdb/hdb or this is just the
> place of the status counter/pointer?
For the syncprov overlay at least the contextCsn Attribute is stored in 
the underlying database backend.

> I know that probably it is a dirty hack but actually when I did that
> for rootDN password it worked..

> Or... I'll ask the question again because there was no answer - is it
> safe to leave it as is and don't bother?
> 2. What is the sence at all of having more than one overlay of the
> same type for a backend? shouldn't it be prohibited by the engine? or
> is there a use case when it actually is needed?
I don't know a valid usecase for multiple instances of the syncprov 
overlay on one databases. But AFAIK for some other overlays is is 
perfectly fine. IIRC the "memberof" Overlay is one of them.
You might want to file an enhancement request that "syncprov" shouldn't 
be allowed to be configured multiple times for a single database.

> Question out of curiosity, why the backend doesn't support delete?
> Issues with deletion of the database or a simple reason like "don't
> delete your database" or something deeper technically?
One reason is, that it is pretty hard to cleanup correctly the remaining 
of an overlay during runtime. For some overlays it might not be possible 
with reasonalbe effort at all. There is however experimental delete 
support for databases and overlays in HEAD you might want to test that.