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Re: changing userPassword from custom application

--On Tuesday, December 15, 2009 1:23 AM +0100 Zdenek Styblik <stybla@turnovfree.net> wrote:
As I've explained later, I didn't figure it out/found out how to use
such feature nor I'm aware such feature exists.
I'll be more than happy to use it.
Or I don't know if I did something wrong. Could you please provide some
example in case it's different from:

--- SNIP ---
changetype: modify
userPassword: mySecretPasswd
--- SNIP ---

where 'mySecretPasswd' is in clear text and LDAP is supposed to know
what to do exactly with userPassword. In another words, get default
password encryption, generate hash, store password.

At least I think I did it like this. I don't recall correctly, as it was
wrong way do change password and since then I'm using % slappasswd; to
get hash when in command-line or function in application[s].

Well, I'd suggest you start by looking at the code for ldappaswd, which is freely distributed with the OpenLDAP source. In addition, you can read about the RFC at:


And here's an example using perl:




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