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changing userPassword from custom application

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let's open up old wounds. Ok, it sounds jerky, but I don't mean it.

Anyway. As the subject suggests, my question is how to code application
which allows user to change his password. Or better to ask, if there is
some [to me] unknown LDAP function which figures out what password
encryption [hash] is used and generates new hash of password, if
application should have idea at all what kind of password encryption is
I think this is just impossible. Login is one thing, changing password
is another.
Please, don't suggest using % slappasswd; for generating hash. This is
really no good way to do it and also, % slappaswd; is not all knowing,
or is it?
Yeah, it could save up the need to code up for whatever hash is used,
yet calling external application, which doesn't even have to be present
at system since LDAP can be used over network, it's just no funky enough.

Please, don't mind the tone if it doesn't look normal or neutral. There
is no intention to be offensive or flame, but to get the answer and

So far, I've implemented functions for CRYPT and later for SSHA. Users
can't choose what hash will be used - and of course, there is no such
intention. The point is, I haven't figured out other way. And it's not
just an application, but ldap-tools too. Add new user? Use % slappasswd;
Changing password from cmd-line? Use % slappaswd;


PS: This question backtracks couple months back. I've tried to ask and
clarify this, but ... let's say it got lost in the static :)

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