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Re: Valid configure options for 2.4.20

J. Landamore wrote:
> I'm trying to build 2.4.20 so that it stores the userPassword attribute
> crypt'ed rather than in clear text - yes I know it violates the RFC.


I don't know what the problem with dbd might be, but-

btw I've tried to compile and install OpenLDAP 2.4.20 with your
parameters and it worked. But I can't [= I don't have time] to test it
further [more info needed?]

> I tried
> ./configure --enable-crypt --disable-cleartext

most probably yes.

> This compiled fine but failed test002-populate for bdb
> Is this a valid configuration and will it achieve what I want?

I think you still have to specify the prefix {CRYPT}

> Is it possible to store the userPassword attribute crypt'ed?

Yes, it is. We've used it couple months back until we've switched to
{SSHA} :)
I must note, because I'm sure otherwise anybody else will do it, that
CRYPT is weak and shouldn't be used. But I'm sure you know this.

> Thanks
> John


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