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Re: syncrepl configuration possibilities

Laurence Field <Laurence.Field@cern.ch> writes:

> Hi,
> I am investigating the use of syncrepl to improve the efficiency of
> the transport mechanism that we are currently using in a world-wide
> distributed OpenLDAP deployment.
> If LDAP server A has information under
> "cn=my_resource,dc=example,dc=com" is it possible to replicate this
> information to LDAP server B but slightly modify the DN so that this
> becomes a sub tree of a larger tree eg.
> "cn=my_resource,cn=my_group,dc=example,dc=com"?
> Alternative suggestions are welcome and I would be happy to explain
> what we are trying to do in more detail if anyone is interested.

In principle this is possible, but needs some redesign of your
consumer hosts. There are several options, i.e. slapd-ldap(5),
slapd-relay(5), slapo-rwm(5).


Dieter Klünter | Systemberatung