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RE: Case Ignore Ordering matching rule for IA5 String sysntax ?

> Hi !
>   OK ... we will check that approach.
>    Do you know if it was something forgotten in the RFC4517 ?... it
> sounds
> really odd (to me) that PrintableString (that is a subset of IA5String)
> and DirectoryString (that is a superset) are allowed syntaxis for
> "caseIgnoreOrderingMatch" ... but IA5String is not allowed to use it
> (maybe I am missunderstanding/mixing things ....???)

I do not recall in detail, but this or something related should have
already been discussed (I'd let others step in if they know the story in
more detail).

Basically, it should be something like the caseIgnore stuff for IA5 was
absent in the RFC 225* series, and it was not added to the RFC 451* series
because IA5 is essentially obsolete, directoryString should be used