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Case Ignore Ordering matching rule for IA5 String sysntax ?

Title: Case Ignore Ordering matching rule for IA5 String sysntax ?

Hi !

   We are trying to define (in our own ldap schema) an IA5String attribute type that
is required to be managed (from our ldap clients) as "case insensitive"

   "greaterOrEqual" and "lessOrEqual" filters are required to be managed over this
attribute, so we wanted to assigne (in its attribute type definition) an ORDERING
matching requesting "case insensitive" behaviour

   According to RFC4517 (http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4517) there is NO any
ordering Matching Rule for IA5String syntax AND case insensitive support. We
tried with the "caseIgnoreOrderingMatch" .. but slapd returns and error (at schema
loading) as attribute type syntax (IA5String) is not allowed for this "ordering match rule"

   We checked that defining the attribute as "PrintableString"  works (as "caseIgnoreOrderingMatch"
is a valid matching rule for that sysntax according to RFC4517) ... but we are really interested in
IA5String syntax ....

   Does openLDAP server technolgy provide a "case insensitive ordering match" method
for IA5String syntax ?

Thanks in advance

BR / Antonio

Antonio Alonso Alarcón
CUDB System Engineer

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