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Re: Case Ignore Ordering matching rule for IA5 String sysntax ?

masarati@aero.polimi.it wrote:
>>   OK ... we will check that approach.
>>    Do you know if it was something forgotten in the RFC4517 ?... it
>> sounds
>> really odd (to me) that PrintableString (that is a subset of IA5String)
>> and DirectoryString (that is a superset) are allowed syntaxis for
>> "caseIgnoreOrderingMatch" ... but IA5String is not allowed to use it
>> (maybe I am missunderstanding/mixing things ....???)
> I do not recall in detail, but this or something related should have
> already been discussed (I'd let others step in if they know the story in
> more detail).
> Basically, it should be something like the caseIgnore stuff for IA5 was
> absent in the RFC 225* series, and it was not added to the RFC 451* series
> because IA5 is essentially obsolete, directoryString should be used
> instead.

I vaguely remember that one significant difference between
DirectoryString and IA5String that the latter allows a zero-length
string to be used as attribute value.

Ciao, Michael.