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2.4.11 for RHEL4/CentOS4 (was Re: OpenLDAP 2.1 High Availability)

Kukkala Prasad wrote:

KP> I have downloaded "openldap-2.4.11-1.4.el4.i386.rpm" and trying to
KP> it on CentOS 4.7 Linux machine. But it seems OpenLADP2.2.13 is
KP> already comes with CentOS. Then I tried to upgrade but failed with error
KP> "Failed dependencies".

KP> What I am supposed to do now?

Try our set of 2.4.11 packages for RHEL4/CentOS4:


(URL not guaranteed to work indefinitely)

The dependencies of stock CentOS stuff on liblber2.2 should be satisfied
by the "compat-..." package.



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