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Re: syncrepl issue

On Monday 30 March 2009 12:48:35 Oliver Henriot wrote:
> Dear list users,
> I have a master openldap 2.3 server which is replicated via syncrepl on
> half a dozen other servers (2.3 too).
> Due to a legacy application from which I have to import passwords once a
> day, the master server is stopped, erased and re-built from scratch once
> every day...

If you are going to rebuild the master's database, you should rebuild the 
databases on the slaves as well.

For instance, you could restart slapd with the csn cookie reset after the 
import has been completed on the master, or do the slapadd on the slaves as 

However, this kind of legacy solution belongs in a different century ... (one 
in which there was a concept of "after-hours").