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Re: How to set BDB "read-only" before slapcat command ?

2009/2/9 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>:

> No matter what you do at the LDAP server's side it could happen in
> between a series of related write operations leading to inconsistent
> state of data (from the application's point of view).
> If you want better hints then you have to provide more details about
> your deployment.
> Ciao, Michael.

We have a primary "hidden" master and two replicating secondaries
which both get queried in a round-robin DNS fashion.

Applications such as phpLDAPadmin are configured to connect to these
secondaries which pass writes to the primary via an updateref chain

At the moment I am using slapcat on the primary for backups but am
open to other suggestions.

Perhaps I should just create a third read-only replicating secondary
which no applications connect to and backup from that ?

The possible problem I see with that setup is what happens if the
slapcat occurs during an update from the provider to the consumer ?