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Re: How to set BDB "read-only" before slapcat command ?

2009/2/8 Michael Ströder <michael@stroeder.com>:

> Note that this is only needed if you have to ensure the integrity of
> inter-related LDAP entries. So this depends on your deployment,
> especially the writing LDAP client applications.
> But thinking more thoroughly about this it could be also a problem if a
> client application trys to modify several entries and you're switching
> to read-only mode in between as preparation for a backup. Even if the
> application would theoretically be capable of rolling back all the
> changes it wouldn't help since the LDAP server is read-only then.
> So the solution would be rather to really make sure that no
> admin/provisioning application is running anymore.
> I think the admin guide could clarify this.

I can't really close client applications unless I gracefully terminate
all connections on the LDAP server perhaps ?

I guess that could be one option.