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Re: OpenLDAP centralized authentication with Active Directory

"Duong Pham Tung (FIM HN)" <DuongPT3@fpt.com.vn> writes:

> Hello,
> My company network have some different domains such as abc.net, abc.com and xyz.com (I
> don't use real domain name because of our company's security policy). Each domain is
> managed by a dedicated Active Directory server.
> Now, I want to use one OpenLDAP server to authenticate all users from these domains because
> we want manage services they use focusly (such as Mail, Portal). But now, I have'nt any
> solutions to solve this problem. Because the number of users is very large (approximately
> 10.000 users) so I can't build database by hand.
> Can anyone suggest me the solution to solve this problem.

You may set up back-meta and rewrite the different suffices to a
single suffix. There are examples in man slapd-meta(5) and man


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